From $10,000 to $250,000 in funding

Fixed percentage of income shared

Fixed repayment term ranging from 6 months to 10 years

Funding Process


Don’t worry, applying will not affect your credit score!


If you qualify, we will work with you to reach an arrangement that fits your needs.


After an agreement is reached, the funds are transferred to your account.


Make payments equaling the agreed upon percentage of your income for the agreed upon fixed period of time and you’re done!

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Top 5 Reasons to Get Out of Debt!

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3 Benefits to Society from using Income Share Agreements

3 Benefits to Society from using Income Share Agreements Income Share Agreements are financial arrangements wherein a party receives funding in return for committing a fixed percentage of their income to the financier for a fixed period of time in which they are working. From a macro-perspective, societies who use […]

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BFF Income Share Funding
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Ahmed Mahmoud el Molla
Ahmed Mahmoud el Molla
18:22 02 Dec 19
I have been a customer of BFF for the last 9 months and I am really excited and pleased with the initiative. According to my knowledge, BFF is the only company in the US market that provides REAL Islamic finance that is simple, clear and sharia compliant. I think the main differentiating factor of BFF is the element of true risk sharing that you can almost never find in other so called Islamic financing services. Since the company is invested in your success, because this is how they make their money, they do whatever they can to help you achieve your financial goals in a way that agrees with Islamic principles. Rakaan, the CEO, is very friendly, professional, responsive and a subject matter expert when it comes to Islamic finance. Overall, I highly recommend BFF if you are looking for financing that is invested in your success as an individual and offers true risk sharing, honest financial consulting and full transparency. It is truly "Better than a loan in every way".
Fatima Kebe
Fatima Kebe
23:34 27 Nov 19
Fatima Sall
Fatima Sall
20:51 27 Nov 19
I’ve been very happy with the services of BFF! I was in need of an interest free method of purchasing my very first car after relocating to a city without reliable public transportation. I found BFF after watching Rakaan’s Practical Islamic Finance YouTube channel. It was a straightforward process to apply online and provide supplemental documents to prove my income and identification. They agreed to invest in me thankfully and I received the loan within a week or so. I’ve been making payments based on a manageable share of my monthly income since. Rakaan is caring and helpful and communicates clearly. Overall, I really appreciate the alternative to traditional financing!
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