Loans and the problem with them

Loans: lenders provide consumers money. The consumer pays back what they borrowed plus a percentage of what they borrowed on top of what they borrowed.

The problem with loans: payments are fixed and often consumers cannot afford their payments when they become due. The more time they take the more they have to pay. Repayment and ultimate fulfillment of borrower’s obligations can take years and potentially even decades with the borrower often paying multiple times the amount they borrowed in the first place.

Imagine you are swimming in the sea trying to reach shore and the longer it takes you to reach the shore, the further away from you the shore becomes. This is how interest-bearing debt can often feel to borrowers.

Our Product and its Benefits

Our Product: It is not a loan. We provide you with the money you need up front and in return, when you are working, you share a fixed percentage of your income for an agreed upon fixed period.

A major advantage of our product: Your payments are designed to stay affordable. If your income decreases, your payments decrease too!

How do we make money?

For each investment we make, we have a target rate of return. Unlike a loan, we do not hold you liable if we don’t reach our target rate of return. That’s why our Income-share agreements are truly investments and not loans. We only do well if you do well.

Historically, our target rates of return have been at least %25 less than what an interest-bearing loan for the same amount and over the same period would cost.

How do we evaluate our candidates?

Candidates are evaluated based on their prospects for earning future income and their tendency to pay what they owe on time.

Things we look at include: Career Experience | Education | Professional Accolades | Credit Score

What is the funding process?

1- Start with filling out the application for funding.

2- If we’re interested in your initial application we may ask for some supplemental information.

3- After providing the supplemental information, we will work with you to reach an income-sharing arrangement that makes sense for both of us.

4- After agreeing to the terms, we will transfer the funds to your designated account.

5- When your income share period starts, you start sharing your income with us at the agreed-upon fixed portion and for the agreed-upon fixed period of time.